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Subject: Father's Night Part III Father's Night Part III
On the Job Cum was slowly dripping down Dr. Ortez. His thick cock was slowly
softening to its flaccid state. He was so weak in the knees he was leaning
against Ben and Josh who were still holding him by the shoulders. His seed
had dripped down his abs and formed a sticky pool in his pubic hair.
"Fuck, that was so hot. I've never had such preteen glamour photos lolitas
a great blow job in my
life. Thanks a lot," Dr. Ortez said.
"Anytime," Coach Cook said, handing him his clothes.
"When will be able to find out our sperm counts?" Alexis asked.
"I'll get the information to your coach the day after tomorrow. I'll
take care of submitting your physicals so you can play in your next game."
"Men," Coach Cook said, drawing the attention to him. "This has by
far been the most successful Father's Night we've ever had. You are
dismissed. Get some rest tomorrow, we've got a big game coming up."
The massive football players turned to face their lockers. It was a
sight to see. More than two dozen manly, muscular asses all in a row. The
players and their fathers were in close quarters, but by now they were used
to being naked close together. The team slowly got dressed, most of them not
putting all their clothes on. About three-fourths of the team remained
shirtless, wanting to show off their muscular, and in some cases, hairy,
chests. Within a half hour, the team had filed out of the locker room, and
only the coach and Dr. Ortez remained.
"So when did you say this meeting with the fathers was?" Ortez asked.
"I haven't talked to most of them yet, but I'm planning on late
Friday night after the game. Can you make it?"
"I'd be glad to. I'll see you later Adrien," Ortez said, heading out
to his car.
"Bye," Coach Cook replied. The next day, Thursday, was Take Your Son to Work Day. Normally, the
school did not approve of these "holidays," and would often discourage
parents from participating, but this year was different. A number of classes
were gone on trips, and close to a dozen teachers had called in sick, so the
school made an exception. And because of this, James Halesy took his son to
the construction site.
James Halesy worked for a large construction company in the city,
which was building a small skyscraper for a law firm. James was almost the
foreman, as soon as there was an opening on a young lolits modeling nude construction team, he would be
promoted, but for now, he remained just the average worker, taking orders
from people.
The Halesys walked onto the construction site dressed almost
identically. They were both wearing something very similar to what James
wore to Father's Night: an old white, tight, wife-beater, torn and faded
jeans, and work boots.
"I'm not exactly sure what the boss is going to let you do since
you're not covered under our insurance, but I'm sure we can work something
out," James said
"I'm fine with handing out nails and hammers, or whatever, but I'd
much rather do some heavy duty lifting. I could really use the work on my
biceps," Josh said, flexing his right bicep, watching it bulge and expand.
"Like I said, I'm sure we can work something out." The two walked up
the steps to the foreman's portable "office." James knocked on the door.
"Come in," came a deep, sexy voice from the inside.
James opened the door and turned to his right. In a small desk sat a
large Italian man. Dark black hair covered his head and his shirtless chest.
"Sticky out, ain't it?"
"It sure is," he answered.
"What can I do for you?"
"Today's Take Your Son to Work Day, and I was wondering if my son
Josh here could help us with construction."
"Hello Josh, my names Joey. How old are you?"
"How much can you lift?"
"About 250," Josh answered.
"I dunno, insurance problems. You'd be perfect for the job, but I
gotta avoid lawsuits. I'll tell you what, let me young lolits modeling nude
look you over and I'll
think about it. Does that sound good?"
"Sounds fine to me," Josh answered.
"Good, James, get to work. I need you to finish what you started
"Gotcha," James said, heading off to work.
"You said you're eighteen, son?"
"That's correct."
"You done with puberty?"
"How can I be so sure? Lift your arms up over your head."
Josh did what he was told, revealing a thick bush of hair under each
"Take your shirt off."
Josh reached down and pulled his wife-beater over his head. He
flexed his abs and scratched at the beginning of a patch of hair which had
started between his pecs.
"Pull your jeans off, I need to see how defined you are in the lower
Josh pulled off his belt and slid his jeans off, placing on the
ground next to him. He stood in front of hunk Italian man in his plaid
boxers, trying to show off the muscles in his thighs and legs.
"Looks pretty good. Let's see if you're as big as your dad, pull
those boxers down."
In no time at all, Josh's boxers where down to the floor. His long,
soft dick flopped out from the confines of his underwear. His enormous nut
sac swung left to right. Josh looked to Joey for approval. He was smiling.
"You most definitely are."
"When have you seen my dad naked?" Josh asked.
"On hot days like this, most of us like to work in the nude," Joey
"You young petite lolitas naked mean you're not wearing anything?"
"Not a thing," Joey answered, smiling.
"Then stand up, see if you can compare to the Halesys."
"You're going to regret it," he told Josh, standing up. Josh's eyes
became as wide as saucers. Hanging in between Joey's legs was the biggest
cock he had ever seen, bigger than his or his fathers, and definitely bigger
than any on the football team. The thick Italian sausage hung at least eight
inches soft from a huge forest of black pubic hair. His balls hung nearly as
far as his meat, covered in almost as much hair as his bush. His nuts
weren't quite as big as Josh's, but his dick was a hell of a lot thicker. lolita porn preeteen nude

"Holy shit!"
"I told you you'd regret it."
"I don't regret it," Josh said, enticingly.
Joey stood silent for a moment, waiting for Josh to make a more
definite move, then said, "What would your father do if he caught us doing
"I don't know. He's never caught me sucking such a big Italian cock
before," Josh said, walking behind his desk and kneeling before his dad's
boss. He grabbed hold of his thick Italian manhood and looked up into Joey's
"This cock is enormous, how have you ever managed to get it into
"I usually can't, I have to satisfy myself jerking off."
"That's no one to treat such a godlike dick. It has to be
worshiped," he said, taking a quick lick at the soft head and looking up at
him. Joey shuttered. "Fucccckkk."
"You like that?" He licked the head again.
"Shiiiiittt yeah."
Josh licked three more times before the young Italian man's dick was
fully hard.
"How long is it?"
"Eighteen inches long," Joey breathed, hardly able to say the words
during such excitement.
"Eighteen," lick, "inches," lick, "long?" lick.
"Pleeeeaassseeee! Suck my dick. I need it. I need you to wrap your
lips around my manhood, take the head in and worship my meat. It's been so
long since I've cum. I need some release."
Josh dove onto the gigantic cock, slobbering and slurping it.
"Release?" he asked, diving back onto the cock.
"My balls are just packed with my man juices. I haven't had
timmmmmeee to jerk off in the last week. It feels like my balls are going to
overflow with sperm. I just can't takkkkeee it anymore, I've got to unload
some of it. Shitttttt."
Josh took hold of Joey's nuts and began massaging them, being careful
not to rip out any of the pubic hairs. If it were possible, they fake little lolita pictures seemed to
descend even more in their dark sac.
"I gotta sit down, man. I got so much blood in my dick I'm losing
feeling in other parts of my body," Joey said, sitting down in his chair.
Josh gradually took more and more into his mouth. When he was done
taking all that he could, at least six inches still remained outside his
"Don't worry about it. No one can take all of my meat," Joey said,
but Josh was up to the challenge. He opened his mouth even wider, and
stretched his throat, and went farther and farther down. He was
deep-throating eighteen inches of Italian cock! Josh's nose and eyes were
now in Joey's pubic bush. His pungent man smell sent Josh into complete
euphoria. Joey slowly began to face fuck Josh. As painful as it was, he
couldn't help but get super hard from the slapping of Joey's balls against
his neck and the bittersweet smell of Joey's manhood. Josh was in complete
"I'm gonna cummmmm real soon," Joey announced. "UGgghhhhhhhh!
Fuckkkkk! I can feel the cum boiling deep in my balls. I'm ready to shoot
my week-old load. I haven't cum in soooooo long, I'm just gonna flood you
with my man juices!"
Joey sped up his facefucking while Josh increased the suction on his
dick and the massaging of Joey's packed ballsac.
"Shitttt!!!! I'm about lolita porn preeteen nude
to CUMM! lolita repon info net If you don't want to swallow it,
you better get off now!"
Josh remained on his dick for the entire time.
"Suit yourself, you're going to drown in my fucking cum, in my load
of sperm. I'm reading to cummmmmm. HERE IT FUCKING CUMMMSSSSSSSS!!!!
Joey's cum shot deep into the depths of Josh's throat. He could feel
the spasming teen lolita vido samples of the thick cock inside of him, shooting out its precious load.
Josh nearly began to choke, so Joey took his cock and began fake little lolita pictures spraying his
seed all over Josh. His orgasm seemed to last forever. Josh was drenched
from head to toe in thick Italian cum.
"That was sooooo hot. You give head a hell of a lot better than your
father, " Joey said, lying back in his chair, closing his eyes, trying to
recover from the most intense orgasm he'd over had.
"My dad sucks you off?"
"Yeah, sometimes. Usually when he wants a raise. When he sucks like
he does, how can I resist?"
"Shit, I never knew."
"I'm pretty sure he's not gay. He's most likely bisexual, seeing as
he's married and busts his nut every night with your mom."
"He does?"
"Hell yeah!! He always comes to work talking about how good he had it
last night."
"They sure must keep themselves quiet. We live in an apartment, and
my bedrooms not very far away. Oh well," he said, getting up to put his
clothes on.
"What are you going? If you're going to work here, you're going to
dress like we do."
Josh looked puzzled.
"It's scorching out, and there's nothing sexier than an all-body tan."
"Then what do I do about your cum? Josh asked.
"That's hose out my back door," Joey pointed behind his desk. "Spray 16 yo panty lolita
yourself off. There should be a towel hanging out there, dry yourself with
"No problem. Your dad's on the second floor working. You can help
Josh exited out the back door and found the hose lying on the dirty
ground. He alolita top 100 porn
picked it up and turn the water on. He quickly sprayed all of
the man juice off his toned body. He picked up the towel and wiped himself
down. He headed over to the work site completely naked. It felt very
awkward at first, but once he saw that the rest of the construction crew was
in the buff also, it felt more natural. The construction site was fenced in,
but people passing by on their way deeper into the city could easily catch a
glimpse of the naked construction crew.
Josh found a lift up to the second floor with a large worker. His
muscle mass was enormous, but when he looked down to the guys crotch, he was
greatly disappointed. The mans soft prick seemed to be the size of a little
kids. The man had completely shaven his entire body, a big turnoff to him.
Josh could sometimes understand shaving your chest, but your pubes? Hell no!
The absence of hair made the dick look even more immature. When the man
noticed his stares he looked down at Josh's cock. Seeing the immense size of
an eighteen-year-old, he covered himself up with his hand, suddenly very
self-conscious of his size. Josh nearly laughed at the fact that the man
could cover himself up with less than one hand.
The lift arrived at the second floor. About twenty yards away his
father was leveling a large iron bar.
"Hey, what's up dad?"
"Nuthin much, just trying to get his job done."
"Anything I can do to help?" he asked, getting closer to his naked
"Yeah, hold this for a second while..." James said. The father and
son team worked together for about four hours before it was lunch break.
"Where we going for grub?" Josh asked.
"No where. There's vending machines our company places on each site
which dispense food and drinks."
"Oh, sounds good to me," he said. James and Josh took the lift to
the ground and walked over to the vending machines. There was no line, most
of the crew had either gone to get better food or were lying nude under
nearby tires to get some shade.
Both James and Josh bought turkey sandwiches and a coke. As James
bent over to grab his drink out of the dispenser, his cheek rubbed against
his son's pubic hair. He felt something sticky in it, and took a look as he
stood up.
"What is that?" he asked.
"What's what, dad?" Josh replied.
"That," he pointed at a string of white stuff in his pubic hair.
Josh looked down at his bush, and blushed. He must have missed a
"Is that semen?" James asked.
Josh slowly nodded.
"What the fuck were you doing sucking Joey's dick?"
"What does it matter? You do it all the time!"
"Shit!" James thought to himself, now what was he supposed to do?
"Come here," he said, walking to a nearby oak tree and sitting down.
"It's different when I do it. I know what I'm doing-"
"And I don't? I'm eighteen-years-old! You don't think I can make a
simple decision by myself?"
"No, it's just that..."
"You want his cock to yourself."
"You're right, I'm sorry. I guess I can't tell you what to do
anymore. Tell me something though, was it good?"
"Hell yeah! He hasn't got any in days, he just came buckets and
buckets all over me. I thought I got it all off, but I didn't."
"Did you get any relief?"
"No, he just told me to go rinse off and help you out."
"Well it looks to me like you need some relief. Your dicks been half
hard all day," James pointed out. Josh looked down at his crotch and
realized he was right.
"I could use a little release too. How about joining your dad in a
nice jerk off session?"
"Of course, all the guys do it on their break. How else could we
walk around naked?"
"I guess you're right."
"Good," James said. He grabbed hold of his dick and began stroking
it. Both him and his son soon had huge hardons reaching past their navel.
They began stroking faster and faster, fake little lolita pictures about ready to come, when James
"What?" Josh asked his father.
"Let's make things a little more interesting. Come here in front of
your old man."
Josh sat down in front of his father with a thick erection dripping lolita repon info net

precum down the side.
"Now hold your dick up to mine." Josh pressed his dick up to his
fathers. They lined up perfectly from balls to head.
"Now we're both going to take our hands and stroke them together."
Josh took hold of his dick and part of his father's, while James took his own
and part of his sons. They slowly began stroking up and down. It was
awkward at first, but they gradually go a rhythm going. Josh felt so hot
using both his dads and his own precum to lube his dick. He couldn't believe
was jerking off WITH his dad. He felt so hot. He pressed his dick harder
into his father's, feeling their gigantic balls press into each other, their
two boiling loads only separated by a sac of skin.
"Dad, I'm ready to cum," he muttered, short lolita top 100 nymphets
of breath. "Are you?"
"You bet your ass I am," James said, breathing hard. "Let's cum
together, okay?"
"Okay. Ready, one, two, three," Josh said. On three father and son
quickened their jerking off to what seemed like 100 mph. Their hands were a
"Here I cum son!!!"
"I'm cumming with you dad.
"UGGGHHHHH!! UHHHH, oohhhh FUCK! I'm cumming!!!" they shouted in
unison. Their two loads shot up like a fountain, landing on both father and
son and on the tree they sat next to. Their cum seemed to erupt forever.
When they were done shooting, Josh laid back down next to his father under
the tree, waiting for his dick to soften.
"That felt soooo good," Josh told his father.
"It most certainly did."To be continued...*************
Please send all your comments to, I would love to hear
what you think of my story. Thanks.

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